Don’t lose money: Here’s how to achieve the asking price for your home quickly

43% of us want to achieve our asking price when looking to sell our home, whilst 35% of us also want to sell our property quickly*. Many estate agents will seek to flatter vendors into listing with them by inflating asking prices, fully expecting the vendor to price reduce when the house fails to sell.

Selling shouldn’t be stressful, and estate agents should strive for sellers to achieve closer to their asking price through greater transparency and honesty. This includes the initial pricing of the property and any advice on how the property should look in order to attract potential buyers.

Top tips to help you work out your property’s value: always ask a number of agents to give you a valuation but also do your own research, by checking what other similar properties in your area are selling and have sold for.

Ellis Hay pledges to provide fair prices – which means you sell for the best price and do so promptly. The result is a product of the team’s liaision with all parties throughout every step of the process. This ensures that you get close to your asking price whilst limiting most of stressful work associated with selling a home.

Ellis Hay is your local property expert, specialising in the successful sale of properties for and very close to their asking price. Get in touch with the team in the office at 14 Aberdeen Walk, Scarborough, call 01723 350077 or visit

*Full survey can be found:

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