Why isn’t my house selling? Common reasons why and how to resolve them

Not only is it daunting putting your house on the market, but it can be disheartening when you consider the prospect of not receiving any viewings or enquiries. There could be a multitude of reasons why your property may not be attracting potential buyers. Some of these reasons can easily be rectified with a lick of paint or a plump of a cushion, but others need a little more work. Here’s some things you might have missed.

The property market changes

With the new season, brings a new property market. The climate of the market generally slows down over the winter period and picks up again during spring. It is advised to wait for the Christmas period to subside before marketing your house – this is because potential buyers tend to be pre-occupied, not to mention the financial strain Christmas can cause.

Spring is renowned as the best month to sell your property1. This may be due to the fact that people are finished with the festive period and are not yet planning their summer vacations. In addition, spring is also considered a great month to market your home as the gardens will be looking colourful, vibrant and fresh– this could make your property more appealing to potential buyers.

Your photos aren’t clear enough

First impressions last and a good set of high quality images could mean the difference between an enquiry or a rejection.

There are numerous ways to take a photo that will heighten your chance of enquiry. Firstly, make sure your rooms have plenty of natural light – picking to do your photoshoot on a bright day will work in your favour. Make sure windows and surfaces are clean to reflect the light. It is also recommended that you remove clutter before taking your photos – a clearer room will look better to a potential buyer.

Have you clearly displayed the key features of your home?

When listing your property online, reference all the factors you think are worth mentioning. Not sure what to classify as worthy information? It is a great idea to think about what you would look for in a property. Key features should always be listed as standard. Yet your description should not only mention the more basic features, but also added extras like the summer house in the garden or the waterfall shower, along with the benefits they bring to create an image that the potential buyer will fall in love with.

Need help with feature spotting? Ellis Hay offer a full service where the listing will be created to an incredibly high standard to give you the best chance of a sale.

Ensure your home isn’t cluttered

A common reason for people moving to a new house is for additional space. If your property is cluttered with belongings it will create the impression that your house is also cramped and might not have the potential that a prospective buyer would look for. Make sure you optimise the space by putting clutter such as toys, books and pictures away for viewings and photos.

Personal belongings offer nothing for the potential buyer. Remove personal effects and keep the space airy and clean and will help your buyer visualise their own personal items in the space.

Are your interiors and exteriors equally decorated and cared for?

Many owners put a lot of effort into perfecting the interior that the exterior can get forgotten about. It is important to ensure your home is presentable when trying to sell your house as it shows the personality of the property and exudes potential.

Ensure your grass is mowed for viewings and if you have images of the garden listed, make sure it looks pristine for the photos. It may be time consuming, but adding a few floral display around the area can really brighten up the area. In addition, touch up areas of paint that are looking tired or dull. These factors will all help create a good first impression which is vital.

Is your asking price appropriate for the area you live in?

It can be disheartening when a valuer tells you your house is not worth what you expected. It is important to get a few valuations to ensure you are happy with the price, this can help looking at the market in your area to decipher if your property is overpriced.

Ellis Hay offer a valuation service where we use expertise and local knowledge to obtain the correct valuation and maximise your properties potential. Visit our page to secure a bespoke valuation for your home. 

Source: https://hoa.org.uk/advice/guides-for-homeowners/i-am-selling/when-is-the-best-time-to-sell-my-house/

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