The Importance Of Local Amenities: What To Consider When Purchasing In A New Area

Moving to a new area is always going to be daunting, especially when you are unfamiliar with the local surroundings and amenities on offer. For many perspective homebuyers, finding a property that is situated in walking distance to local amenities is a top priority.

Convenience shopping…

Living near a supermarket can provide a multitude of benefits, the obvious one being the convenience of your shopping trip. Whether you’re popping to your corner shop for milk, or grabbing your groceries, you’ll be there and back in a flash. As well as the convenience, did you know that living near a supermarket can boost the market value of your home too? According to a recent study by Lloyds Bank, living near a supermarket, especially a high-end chain such as Waitrose, could increase the value by £36,000 – this is referred to as the ‘Waitrose Effect’.

Keeping the community moving…

For many people, public transport is a necessity rather than a convenience. There is a great deal to be said about living on a public transport route, especially when it is your mode of transport to and from work. In a recent study of over 2,000 people, 25% of the sample size revealed that living within a 15-minute walking distance to an underground tube was essential when looking for a new house.

Nationwide have also revealed that properties 500m from a tube station carry a 10.5 per cent premium – this would equate to an extra £50,000 on top of the average price of a London property!

However, contradictory research has stated that the extra noise from transport links and infrastructure can actually deter people from purchasing a house in a well-connected area. Noise pollution has been noted as a serious turn off for potential buyers, with homeowners situated on the proposed HS2 route struggling to sell their houses. The issue with environmental impacts is always a reason people may choose to buy a property away from major transport links in rural areas.

Pub grub on your doorstep

There’s nothing better than having a local pub that is walking distance from your home… no need to organise a taxi home! According to a recent study, 25% of people deem a local pub to be an important amenity when looking to purchase a house in a new area.

Having a local pub is also a great way of meeting your new locals, making friends in the neighbourhood and getting yourself involved in the community – a perfect chance to make your new location more homelike.

It’s a walk in the park

Having easy access to green space is also a popular requirement amongst perspective house hunters. Did you know that green space on your door step is renowned for improving metal well-being and helping to encourage physical exercise? There is a growing popularity for homes with green spaces and with this ever-growing attractiveness, there comes a cost. Houses that are less than 100m away from green space come with a premium price tag and can often cost thousands more than your average house.

Do you own an abundance of pets? Perspective homebuyers with pets may benefit from a property that is located in a green area. Long dog walks and breath-taking scenery… sounds idyllic, don’t you agree?

Looking for stunning views? Properties that come with views of open greenery, lakes and the sea boast an even larger premium with an increase of approximately 1.8%… (fantastic from a re-sale perspective). We list many properties that have a sea view here at Scarborough!

It’s a learning curve…

Families with children, or families planning on having children in the future, should consider whether the area has a good school before purchasing a new property. A survey of potential home buyers found people were willing to pay an extra 10% premium to secure a property that was in a catchment area with a good school.

Let’s not forget the educational aspect, a good school in your area is great for families who require use of the institute. It’s a no brainer really!

If you’re looking to move to a new area in the future, it is a good idea to cover all the points discussed above. Some of the finer details may not be important to certain perspective buyers – it is purely personal opinion and choice.

If you require assistance with buying a property, or if you require any information about the area of Scarborough, please feel free to get in touch… We’d be happy to assist!

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